IBM Z and LinuxONE On-premises Development Program

Program Requirements
Notice: IBM reserves the right to limit participation in the IBM Z On-premises Development Program at its sole discretion and may revise the program terms at any time without notice.
General Eligibility Requirements
  • Program participants must be IBM Partner Plus members in good standing and be actively developing and supporting commercially marketed software products that operate on IBM Z or LinuxONE; the program does not extend software discounts to cloud providers. To be considered commercially marketed, platform products must be generally available or scheduled for general availability in the next 12 months and described on the participant's website.
  • Systems enrolled in the program must be used solely for the development and testing of the participant's commercially marketed IBM Z or LinuxONE applications.
  • Companies participating in negative marketing toward mainframe computing, discouraging mainframe solutions in customer sales situations, working to negatively impact mainframe workload and environments, or actively promoting migrating workloads off the mainframe are not eligible to join or continue in the program.
  • Participants must maintain positive relations with IBM and IBM's affiliates.
  • Participants must meet hardware and software currency requirements as determined by IBM.
  • Participants must sign contracts agreeing to the program's formal terms and conditions. A separate contract applies for any loaned capacity and specialty engines, if applicable.
  • Participants must complete an annual certification providing IBM with updated information about their development activities and use of program resources.
  • Systems enrolled in the program may not be used for production workloads. IBM considers production workloads to be any workloads not dedicated to the development of commercial software products to include outsourcing, consulting, systems integration, education services, custom application development, service provider, and any other fee-based activities or services. Development LPARs on production systems or production LPARs on development systems are not eligible for program benefits. Use of an enrolled development system in a sysplex environment requires prior written approval from IBM. Systems enrolled in the program cannot be part of any sysplex that contains production workloads/systems.
  • Program participants must use their development systems and associated program benefits solely for the development of commercially marketed applications that run on IBM Z and LinuxONE. Use of enrolled systems for disaster recovery or capacity back-up is not permitted. Any software products discounted through the program cannot be used for purposes of competitive evaluation, reverse engineering, or development of derivative products.
  • Enrolled systems can include any combination of IBM Z, LinuxONE, and zPDT as long as the systems are designated for development use only and meet other program requirements. Program participants must own or lease the systems enrolled in the program, and the systems must be registered under the participant's IBM Customer Number. Participant's enrolled development systems must remain under participant control for sole use by the participant. Sharing of the development system by multiple entities or third parties is not supported. The use of the development system in a hosted environment requires prior written approval from IBM. Systems must run at full capacity; sub-capacity, on/off capacity-on-demand (OOCOD) or other changes to capacity settings are prohibited. Used systems cannot be enrolled in the program.
  • The program's hardware currency requirement for IBM Z and LinuxONE machines enrolled in the program is N-1 where N represents IBM's latest generally available (GA) release. Participants with multiple systems in the program must have at least one system that meets the currency requirement. Participants with older systems will have 12 months from the general availability date of the latest system to upgrade to a compliant machine. Participants who decide not to upgrade during the 12-month grace period will no longer be eligible to receive program benefits. Participants may be subject to an assessment when making hardware purchases, including new hardware or system upgrades, to determine their program participation level and tier which corresponds to benefits such as software discounts, microcode capacity loaners, and specialty engines. USB hardware keys for zPDTs are not subject to an ongoing hardware currency requirement but may require refreshes when existing models reach end-of-service.
  • Hardware pricing is set independently by IBM Business Partners and the IBM Sales Team. Program participants who intend to purchase a new IBM Z or LinuxONE will be connected with an appropriate sales representative, if needed. Information Technology Company (ITC) fulfills all zPDT orders as IBM's OEM for zPDT systems. All zPDT orders placed with ITC are subject to IBM approval.
  • Only IBM Z software products that are configured and ordered through Shopz are eligible for program discounts. Passport Advantage products and software distributed through the IBM Partner Plus Software Access Catalog are not discounted. In general, program discounts are provided for IBM-owned Monthly License Charge (MLC), One-Time Charge (OTC), and Annual License Charge (ALC) IBM Z products with software currency of at least N-1 where N is the most current Generally Available (GA) version of any specific product. Royalty-bearing products are not eligible for discount without an approved exception from IBM, but program participants may purchase royalty-bearing products at list price to run on enrolled development systems. The software currency requirement applies to operating systems, middleware (CICS, IMS, DB2, WAS) and compilers used. Program participants will have 12 months to meet software currency requirements when a new software product version becomes GA and what was N-1 becomes N-2. Participants may continue to use older software versions in parallel to ensure compatibility so long as participants also leverage the latest version, but participants should note that software products are no longer eligible for discount after they have reached end-of-service. IBM reserves the right to deny discounts on products that directly compete with a program participant's products and offerings. z/OS and z/VM software is supported. z/TPF and z/VSE are not supported operating systems. Linux for IBM Z distributions are not eligible for discounts under this program and must be obtained from the Linux distributors. Value Unit Edition (VUE) or other IBM Z software pricing methodologies or discounts are not supported unless specifically approved by IBM.
  • Products must be explicitly documented with their product ID, description, and discount rate in the participant's fully executed software discount addendum to be eligible for discount. All products discounted through the program are ordered and billed according to IBM's standard policies and procedures. The billing rate is determined by total system capacity including any loaned capacity the program participant receives from IBM, less the discount rate documented in the participant's software discount addendum. Program participants are responsible for managing their software inventories and ensuring that licensed products are appropriately reflected in the software discount addendum for discounts to be applied. Any software discount changes resulting from an assessment will go into effect at the start of the next contract period. Once the software discount contract is executed, the new discount level and rates are adjusted accordingly in IBM's billing system. Program participants whose discounts have changed will see changes in software billings.
  • Program participants with IBM Z or LinuxONE machines who receive less than a 100% software discount may request Multi-Version Management (MVM) on applicable products. MVM provides a 100% software discount on older versions of a product when the participant is licensed to the latest version of the same product. Program participants must identify products for MVM; IBM does not automatically provide MVM discounts.
  • The Application Developer Controlled Distribution (ADCD) software stack, which provides z/OS and associated middleware products formatted for use with ISV zPDT, as well as a separate download for z/VM are available to approved program participants developing on zPDT systems. ADCD and the z/VM download cannot be used on any other hardware systems. Additional IBM Z software may also be available to zPDT users depending on the country where the development system is to be installed and the specific software products requested.